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What is Heavy Duty Solids Pump?


What is Heavy Duty Solids PumpHeavy Duty Solids Pump is also called solids transfer pump, It is the important solids pumping solution. Heavy Duty Solids Pump can be design small size and portable. Heavy Duty Solids Pump has super suction power compared to a conventional centrifugal pump. Heavy Duty Solids Pump can be used to transfer solids, such as drilling mud, drilling cuttings, sludge, mineral powder, fine sand etc.


The working principle of the heavy duty solids pump is that when compressed air passes through the pump body under pressure, vacuum is generated in the pump tank. A few seconds later, the direction of the air passage is changed, positive pressure in the pump tube is generated, and the material is discharged through the discharge pipeline, thus the dual function of suction and transportation is realized. 

The difference between heavy duty solids pump and sludge vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, pipeline pumps, and impeller pumps is that it is a pneumatic pump with high load and strong power. The pressure difference generated by it can make the vacuum degree up to 85Kpa. Because of the strong power of the heavy duty solids pump, it is a good conveying equipment for materials with large viscosity and difficult to convey. 


For example, the oily sludge on the oil field is a kind of viscous material with complex composition and difficult to transport. In the process of drilling in the oil industry, a large amount of oily sludge is produced. The transportation problem has always been one of the major problems in the oil field. The special characteristics of the oily sludge have caused problems in other pumps. Heavy duty solids pumps can efficiently solve the difficulty of transporting oily sludge. The heavy duty solids pump has a wide range of applications, such as oilfield drilling, mining, metallurgy, tunneling, sewage treatment, chemical industry and many other fields. 

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