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Triple Deck Shale Shaker

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Triple deck shale shaker is a new type of solids control shale shaker for oilfield drilling. Triple deck shale shaker is the product of continuous improvement and upgrading of oilfield drilling solids control technology. It has high-performance components and can adapt to different drilling solids control conditions. The triple deck drilling mud shale shaker adopts a modular screen structure with a large screen area. A triple deck shale shaker can replace the traditional solids control system as an all-in-one model. It reduces the cost of equipment such as desilter, desander, etc.

Characteristics of Brightway triple/double deck shale shakers

The structure of the triple deck shale shaker includes: a high g force motor, a modular screen, an electric control system, a pneumatic compression device, a hydraulic lifting device, and a shaker body damping device.


High G force shaker motor: It has 80 kn super excitation force, high-strength aluminum alloy material, and the force-to-mass ratio is far greater than that of ordinary motors. Bearings are added with premium lubricating oil, with 3000-5000 hours working time.


Modular screen: screen size is 650x610x40mm. Screens are light in weight, and the screen is made of imported materials from Japan, which has a longer service life and an average service life of ≥1000 hours. The screen hook design shortens the screen replacement time.


The electric control system: it has humanized design. The operating knob is placed on the front side of the shale shaker, and the electrical components are placed on the back side of the shale shaker to reduce the impact of vibration on the electrical components.


Pneumatic compression device: all pneumatic control components are integrated in an operation cabinet, one-button operation of charging and deflation, and a gas one-way control valve to prevent gas backflow.


Hydraulic lifting device is imported from Italy, made of aluminum alloy, and has two-way oil output. The lifting weight is 2 times higher than the traditional lifting device. The corrosion resistance is increased by 2 times.

Brightway triple/double deck shale shaker parameters

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