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Slurry Separation Plant

Slurry Separation Plant for Micro-tummeling and Tunneling

Slurry Separation Plant

Brightway Slurry Separation Plant and Slurry Treatment System  has demonstrated its high-performance capalilities at many job sites worldwide including the applications of tunneling, micro-tunneling, pipe-jacking, bored piles construction, piling construction and diaphragm wall construction, etc.

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⇒ Typical Slurry Separation Plant Job Site

1. The virgin ground is being excavated to create a manhole pit, and the hydraulic jack is placed at a strategic spot. The size and depth of the manhole pit varies, depending on the specification requirements.
2. The pipes strings are stringed together piece by peice using the hydraulic jacking machine. Each unit of pipe are being lifted down into the manhole pit by a crane. The jacking of pipes towards the destined direction is done from the launch shaft to the target shaft.
3. Brightway Slurry Separation System is essential in different soil with different ground water levels. In the cutter head, the excavated spoil is mixed with water and then transported to the surface, where water and spoil are separated by the separation plant and the clean water then remains in the slurry circle. 
4. Brightway unique separation plant can operate in different models depending on the ground condition.
5. Lastly, once the string of pipes are done, the crane will then, remove the cutter head from the manhole pit at the target shaft, and replace the gap with a connecting pipe inside. Both manhole pits will be sealed with cement seamlessly.
Typical Slurry Separation Plant Job Site presentation drawing

⇒ Brightway Slurry Separation Plant Parameters

Slurry Separation Plant Parameters
 Slurry Treatment Plant Parameters
Brightway Slurry Treatment Plant Parameters

⇒ Slurry Separation Plant Separation Process

• Slurry charged with soil is conveyed to the plant through the supply line (1) and let out onto a vibrating coarse sieve (2) which removes particles exceeding 5 mm in size.
• The sieved slurry processed by the second fine shaker and drops into a trough and passes through a pipe into the main reservoir (3) of the desanding module from where it is pumped (4) to the two main cyclones (5) which separate out sand from the slurry.
• The sand pours out through the underflow outlets (6) of the cyclones and drops onto a vibrating fine sieve to be dewatered and removed (7) from the process.
• The treated slurry leaving the cyclones through the overflow outlets pours into an intermediate tank (8) from where it passes to a storage tank (9).
• A further refinement of the slurry can be achieved by pumping (10) already.

⇒ Brightway Slurry Separation Plant Features

1. Optimized for the treatment of microtunnelling slurries and tunneling slurries;
2. Stable and bobust separation process;
3. Easy setup amd operation;
4. Capable of handling high solids loads;
5. Field-proven screen system-durable and adjustable;
6. Powerful G-forces with double-deck shakers;
7. Well-designed cyclones for a better fine-cut even under difficult conditions;
8. Wear resistant pumps;
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⇒ Brightway Slurry Separation Plant Cases

BWSP120-60 Slurry treatment Plant BWSP120-60
Job Site: Singapore
Capacity: 120m³/h
BWSP180-20 Slurry Separation Plant BWSP180-20
Job Site: Doha
Capacity: 180m³/h
BWSP250-20 Slurry Separation Plant BWSP250-20
Job Site: Malaysia
Capacity: 250m³/h


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