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Barite Bulk Silo

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Barite Bulk Silo is one of Vertical Bulk Storage Silos. Barite Bulk Silo is used to store cementing bentonite, barite powder in oil field drilling site, drilling exploration projects widely. Barite Bulk Silo is also called Bulk mud components storage in drilling rig. Brighway Company can provide a complete storage solution for bulk barite, bentonite, and cement storage.

Barite Bulk Silo Technical Parameters


Main Features of Barite Bulk Silo

Composition: 1. Inlet Pipe, 2 Exhaust Pipe, 3 Base, 4 Gasification System, 5 Outlet Pipe, 6 Pressure Gauge, 7 Safety Valve, 8 Traction Plate.
Working Principle: It uses compressed air to turn the barite powder into a fluid, which is transported through a runner then. The Barite Bulk Silo has rapid discharge rate and can be adjusted.

1. Various capacity and customized silo. We can design and manufacture according to the fact condition as well as the clients’ requirements.
2. Easy assembly. All the parts of cement silo can be well assembled with the help of English Installation Instruction Program. The construction will be safe and efficient.
3. Unique sealing technology. Barite Bulk Silo has triple reliable seal protection.
4. Recycling use. Barite Bulk Silo is convenient to install and remove. It realizes to recycle on different construction sites and long-term service life. Also the cost for secondary investment can be reduced as well as the delivery time can be shorted.


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