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Drilling Mud Solidification System

Drilling Mud Solidification System

Brighway can customize different specifications of Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit, Drilling Cuttings Solidification System,  Drilling Mud Solidification System for oil drilling, trenchless construction, municipal project. 

Drilling Cuttings Solidification
Drilling Mud Solidification
Waste Management Sludge solidification

Drilling Mud Solidification System Structure

Brightway Drilling Mud Solidification Unit is compose of three discharge hopper ( used to store drilling cuttings, lime and cement respectively ), three shaftless spiral conveyors, agitator solidification device,  2-ton cantilever crane, 40-foot open-top cabinet for transportation, base, support, guardrail & ladder, PLC electrical control system and lighting system.
Drilling Mud Solidification System

Drilling Mud Solidification System Layout

1. Drilling cuttings waste collection hopper
2. Guardrail & ladder
3. Lime Discharge hopper
4. Lime Spiral conveyor
5. Agitation Solidification Unit
6. Cement screw conveyor
7. Cement Discharge hopper
8. Drill cuttings waste screw conveyor

Drilling Mud Solidification System Working Process

1. Drilling cuttings, lime and cement are collected through a hopper, Transfer to the stirring Solidification unit to mix and dry fully;

2. First, the cuttings waste with high original moisture content is input into the cuttings collection hopper. Transfer the original drilling cuttings to the agitation solidification device for mixing by spiral conveyor under the cuttings collecting hopper.

3. While drilling cuttings waste is transported, lime and cement in the lime hopper and cement hopper are also transported to the agitation solidification device for mixing through screw conveyor.

4. Speed ratio adjustment through PLC control cabinet, Realize the screw conveyor quantitative feeding,It is realized that the elements are mixing and dried in the agitation solidification device and discharge from hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of drilling cuttings waste solidification.

drilling mud solidification system drilling mud solidification system

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