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Honors and Certificates

Honors & Certificates

After years of development, Brightway Solids Control Co., Ltd. has been recognized by many authoritative organizations in the industry and won many awards, including: the honor of drilling solids control equipment technology center; the honor of high-tech enterprise; the honor of AAA credit company; independent innovation enterprise; independent research and development company; quality service integrity company; police equipment alliance companies; CCTV recommended brand company; Alibaba gold supplier,etc.

Company Qualification

The quality management system certifications obtained by Brightway Solids Control Co., Ltd. include: API certification, ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification; environmental management system certification; environmental occupational health and safety management system certification, etc.; industry qualification certifications obtained include: IADC drilling contractor qualification certification; product qualification certifications are: mud shaker CE certification by EU; mud cleaner CE certification by EU; drill cuttings dryer CE certification by EU; drilling fluid centrifuge CE certification by EU, etc.; mud agitator CE certification by EU; drilling fluid sand pump CE certification by EU, etc.



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