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Mud Recycling System

1000GPM Mud Recycling System for Trenchless Project


Mud Recycling System


Brightway can customized and supply 1500GPM 1000gpm 600GPM 500GPM 300GPM Mud Recycling System for Trenchless, Non-excavation, No-Dig Constuction. Brightway BWHDD series Mud Recycling System can be used widely in the Southeast Asian Countries and Middle East Countries, such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Qatar, UAE etc.

Mud Recycling System Capacity depond on the tons of horizontal directional drilling rig and flow of the mud pump on the site of Trenchless Constuction or project.  Know more the mud treatment solution in Trenchless, please write your requestion, and send us Email: Birightway technical engineers will give the details.

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Brightway Mud Recycling System Parameter


1000GPM 1500GPM Mud Recycling System Parameter

350GPM 500GPM Mud Recycling System Parameter


Brightway Mud Recycling System Features


1. Good capacity and performance can meet the mud treatment of large-scale trenchless projects.

2.The equipment parts are fast connected, easy to disassemble, saving time.

3. High wear-resistant polyurethane cyclone is the same as international brands, and can be use more than 3,800 hours, long service life, interchangeable.

4. Explosion-proof light to meet night construction, easy to operate and safe.


Brightway Mud Recycling System Cases and Application


There are some Application and Cases of Brightway Mud Recycling System in HDD construction. First Photo: 600GPM Mud Recycling System for HDD Construction in India  Second Photo: 600GPM Mud Recycling System for HDD rig in Thailand. 

Know More Brightway Mud Recycling System Cases :


600GPM Mud Recycling System for HDD Construction in India 1000GPM Mud Recycling System for HDD Construction in Thailand

500GPM Mud Recycling System for HDD Construction in Thailand 350GPM Mud Recycling System for HDD Construction in India


What Can We Do For Our Customer


1. Know customer requirements in detail;

2. Provide the professional customized solutions for customer to approve;

3. Reach the agreement with customer for the 3D design,technical&commercial contract;

4. Provide the order production schedule to customer;

5. Provide the product quality control documents and certificates before shipment;

6. Provide the product pictures before shipment and loading pictures at the port;

7. Provide the services for the Installation,commissioning,training at the site;

8. Annual production capacity:100 sets;


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