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Brightway BWZS104 Mud Shale Shaker Shipped to Japan


On August 22, the BWZS104 mud shale shaker produced by Brightway for Japanese customers was shipped to Japan.


As a developed country, Japan has higher requirements on all aspects of machinery and equipment. This is also the first time that equipment of Brightway being exported to Japan. For this BWZS104 shale shaker, the customer requires a shale shaker that can replace NOV. The electrical system requirements are different from conventional electrical systems, especially in terms of explosion-proof requirements. According to customer requirements, the BWZS104 mud shale shaker of Brightway adopts a 210V/50Hz electricity system, and re-customizes the electric control system of the shale shaker to better meet customer needs.

At present, Brightway BWZS series of shale shaker can be customized according to the requirements of different industries, different countries and regions. Including: single-layer, multi-layer, double-unit, multi-unit mud shale shaker and high-frequency shale shaker, variable frequency drilling fluid and other mud shale shaker. We welcome new and old customers to inquire by email at or visit:

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