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Solids Vacuum Pump in Oilfield


Recently, Brightway delivered a solids vacuum pump for an oilfield customer in Xinjiang, which was to be used in a sludge soil remediation project.  


Due to the extremely complex composition of the sludge drill cuttings on the oilfield, various crude oils, refined oils, residual oils and other heavy dirty oils are mixed together, making it difficult to transport. As a professional solids vacuum pump manufacturer, according to the customer’s sludge characteristics in this project, Brightway has designed a dual-function BWVP750 solids vacuum pump for sludge suction and conveying. Its conveying sludge volume is 40m³ per hour, the vacuum degree is 85Kpa, and the suction distance is 50m, the discharge distance is 1000m, which solves the problem of conveying viscous sludge at high speed for customers.


Brightway solids vacuum pump

The main features of Brightway solids vacuum pump:


1) High load and strong suction, the suction distance is up to 50 meters, and the discharge distance is up to 500-1000 meters

2). The maximum particle size of the solid materials that can be transported is 50mm or 75mm, and the mixed liquid can be transported with a solid content of up to 80%

3) There are no rotating parts in the cavity, which is not easy to wear and has a long service life

4) Automatic continuous work, convenient and simple operation and maintenance, compact structure and flexible movement

Brightway solids vacuum pump ready for shipment



The media conveyed by the Brightway solids vacuum pump includes: waste mud, drill cuttings, tailing slurry; tank bottom oil sludge, tailings cleaning materials; oil field oil sludge; hazardous waste cleaning; fine yarn particles, etc.; septic tank sludge, underground sewage pipe network sludge mixture and so on.


Brightway solids vacuum pump transportation industry fields: oilfield drilling, mining, metallurgy, municipal sludge, pharmaceutical industry, pulp treatment, plastic industry, environmental waste treatment, food and beverage processing and other industry fields.


For more information about the solids vacuum pump, please visit:

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