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Brightway Appears at the 21st China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition


On the morning of June 8, 2021, the 21st China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. Brightway brought its new three-layer mud vibrating screen, new double-layer mud vibrating screen, new sludge vacuum pump, frequency conversion centrifuge, drill cuttings dryer and other products to the exhibition. Booth number: E1385!

In this exhibition, Brightway has a total of 5 new products to exhibit. Among them, the new double-deck and three-deck shale shaker screens are the exploration and innovation of Brightway on the basis of traditional shale shakers. It is manifested in that the screen adopts multiple decks. The two-deck screen design replaces the traditional single-deck to enhance the resistance of the shale shakers, significantly lower noise and give more stable screening; the block configuration of the screen reduces the traditional screen. The waste caused by the replacement of the entire screen if it is damaged, reduces the cost of wearing parts; the use of high-power and large-exciting force vibration motor and different mesh screens are used for layering, and the processing capacity and processing particle size of the vibrating screen are higher;

In addition, Brightway also withdrew from the small sludge vacuum pump product. Its box structure design, small size, easy to move, matched with an air compressor with suitable power, strong self-priming ability, long conveying distance, and wide application fields, etc. It can pump solids, powders, liquids and solid-liquid mixtures and other different materials. It can transport mixed liquids with a solid content of up to 80%. It can pump oilfield drilling cuttings, waste mud, mud-water mixtures, sludge, sand, and feces.

Inverter centrifuges and drill cuttings dryers, as the two leading products of Sunway Energy in the field of mud failure, have been widely used in the field of environmentally friendly drill cuttings waste treatment in oilfields. Brightway pursues excellence. On the basis of summarizing past equipment application experience, it has made corresponding improvements to the internal structure and appearance of the equipment. The performance and stability of the product have been further enhanced. The centrifuges and spin dryers exhibited at this exhibition are all the latest and improved type.

This exhibition will last for 3 days (June 8-10). The sales and technical team of Brightway is waiting for new and old customers to visit and negotiate at the E1-385 booth in Hall E1; we are preparing a wealth of exhibition materials, including: product catalogs, case sharing sessions, solid control technology exchange sessions and other content are welcome!

Brightway Exhibition Information

Exhibition Name: The 21st China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition Zhenwei Petroleum Exhibition

Booth No.: E1-385

Exhibition time: June 8-June 10, 2021

Exhibition location: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (new hall)

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Volgende :21st CIPPE Exhibition Successfully Concluded with Brightway Achieving Success


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