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9000m Ultra-deep 3000hp Drilling Rig Mud System For Xinjiang of China


April 23,  Brightway 9000m ultra-deep 3000hp drilling rig mud system was transported to  Xinjiang Tarim by 22 semi-trucks. 

The 3rd solid control system for 9000m ultra-deep drilling rig

Since the beginning of the year, Brightway has focused on the production of solid control equipment for Xinjiang ultra-deep well projects. The project is a nationwide replacement project, the full set of solids control system by Brightway company independent research and development production, for the national 9000 meters ultra-deep well oil and gas development, this is the third set of solid control system, the first and second systems have been delivered to customers in December last year and February this year, and has been drilling operations. The shipment project is also the focus of the industrial park where the Brightway production base is located, and The leadership of the management committee attached great importance to the equipment transportation and came to the scene to help.

The 3rd solid control system for 9000m ultra-deep drilling rig

In the afternoon, the semi-truck of the solid control equipment has completed the equipment lifting and ready to depart, 14:30, the industrial park held a simple delivery ceremony for the equipment transportation, with the management committee leadership "start" a call, the load of the solid control system of 22 semi-truck to Xinjiang Tarim set out. The entire fleet is like a steel dragon, and it is expected that all equipment installation and commissioning will be completed in May.

At present, for ultra-deep well drilling projects above 9,000 meters, Brightway has a mature solid control system solution, which can meet the special requirements of ultra-deep Wells for drilling rig solid control system.

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