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(ZJ50)1500HP Drilling Rig Circulation System for BOMCO


Recently, Brightway has successfully delivered the (ZJ50)1500HP drilling rig circulation system for the production of a 1500 horsepower hybrid drilling rig for Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd. (BOMCO) to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the largest oil company in the United Arab Emirates. At present, the entire drilling mud circulation system are being installed at the Abu Dhabi drilling site.

(ZJ50)1500HP Drilling Rig Circulation System

The 1500 horsepower hybrid drilling rig delivered to ADNOC in the United Arab Emirates is independently developed by BOMCO, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation. It adopts a hybrid design that combines battery energy storage and diesel power generation, and has functions such as energy conservation and emission reduction, potential energy recovery, and rapid desert transportation; The drilling rig circulation system is partially supported by Brightway, and the entire solid control system can also be quickly transported with hybrid power drilling rigs.

(ZJ50)1500HP Drilling Rig Circulation System

Compared to the previous  (ZJ50)1500HP drilling rig circulation system, the entire system requires higher production processes and standards from material selection to finished products, and stricter production inspection standards. The thickness of the circulating tank body board is thicker than that of the standard mud tank, and the material strength is higher; All pipelines of the tank, including suction, mixing, discharge, fire protection, etc., are externally installed and equipped with mechanical scale liquid level display, which can clearly identify the volume reading of the tank mud. The tank surface is laid with fiberglass grating plates, which can clearly show the volume and direction of the mud inside the tank.

(ZJ50)1500HP Drilling Rig Circulation System

In recent years, Brightway has been committed to continuously upgrading the manufacturing process of drilling mud circulation system, enhancing the level of solid control equipment manufacturing, and actively participating in international drilling company solid control equipment production projects. This time, Brightway can participate in the drilling project of ADNOC company in the United Arab Emirates, supporting the (ZJ50)1500HP drilling rig circulation system for gemstone machinery production, which is also an recognition and affirmation of Brightway's equipment manufacturing. In the future, Brightway will move towards a higher level of equipment manufacturing and provide drilling companies with higher quality solid control equipment.

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