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Brightway Warmly Welcome Customers from Saudi Aramco


Recently, a delegation of Saudi Aramco, an internationally renowned oil giant, visited Brightway for mutual exchange and cooperation. Accompanied by the company's general manager, Wang Yong, and the foreign trade reception team, the customer delegation listened attentively and learned about the advanced technology and innovative strength of Brightway in the research and development, production, quality control, and market application cases of its current solid control equipment and complete systems. The members of the delegation highly praised the equipment, systems, processes, and technological innovations produced by Brightway, and gave full recognition to the company's professional capabilities and technical level in its development field.

Saudi Aramco Customers

The Saudi Aramco customer delegation highly recognized Brightway's comprehensive strength and development prospects, and expressed its intention to continue strengthening cooperation with Brightway to jointly promote the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry. Both parties also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the specific directions and contents of future cooperation and reached multiple consensuses.

Saudi Aramco Customers

This mutual exchange not only deepened Saudi Aramco's further understanding and cooperation trust in Brightway, but also laid a more solid foundation for the future cooperation between the two parties. Brightway will continue to uphold the concept of "quality first, customer foremost," continuously enhance its core competitiveness, and provide more high-quality and efficient products and services to customers in the global oil and gas industry.

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