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Customized Drilling Mud Mixing Hopper for Australia Customer


On September 9, one set Mud Mixing Hopper ready to be hoisted and shipped to Australia. At the request of the Australian customer, the Mud Mixing Hopper is designed and produced for its oil field drilling solid control system specially. The main purpose is to help customers improve the mud mixing capacity and drilling efficiency.

Drilling Mud Mixing Hopper for Australia Customer

Mud Mixing Hopper,  for Australia  customer, is an important equipment for drilling platform solids control system.  The main components of the Mud Mixing Hopper includes two sets of centrifugal pumps, 2two sets  jet mud mixer, mixing hopper,  motor and electric control sytem.

Drilling Mud Mixing Hopper for Australia

The purpose of this Mud Mixing Hopper is to serve the mud system of the drilling operation. A large amount of drug mixing can be achieved, and at the same time, a small amount of drug mixing can be achieved. Compared with ordinary jet mixing device, the difference and advantage of this mixing system is that be added a large number of medicines at one time. saved labor costs to a large extent and reduced the construction cost of the whole project. The mud dosing mixing process is simplified, The mixing capacity and drilling efficiency are improved greatly. 

As the professional solids control equipment manufacturer, Brighway can customize  various specifications mud mixing equipment according to customer requirements and drilling site actual situation. If you want to know more useful information about mud mixing hopper and other mud mixing equipment, please contact us!

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